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My objective of creating a personal website is to interact with professionals around the globe, share ideas and be involved in a learning process at all times. The Articles section showcase technical papers that have been published in my website by referring to technical publications and other resources that have been rightly credited at the end of each article. I have always believed in learning, sharing knowledge and believe that knowledge should not be limited to oneself.

I have a Master's Degree in Telecommunications Management with concentration in Management of Wireless Networks from Stevens Institute of Technology (New Jersey, US), Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from DY Patil College of Engineering (Pune, India) and Certificate course on Internet Of Things (IOT)- Business Implications and Opportunities from MIT Sloan School of Management (US).

Having worked in the Telecom industry for 12+ years and meeting with professionals and industry leaders has motivated me to keep learning and be updated with latest technologies. Wireless technologies, Network and Telecommunications Management as a unit has been the epicenter of my interests that has grown with time, innovations and new technologies paving a progressive path in the future.

I hope you enjoy surfing my website and your feedback is highly appreciated.

"An investment in Knowledge pays the best interest"

- Benjamin Franklin